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Find out more about the incredible George, not only overcoming a major health issue but helping kids learn at school, what a great dog and story.....

George’s story
George, the 7 year old Golden Retriever, is a lovely boy with an important job!
Teaching is a family act in his household, with both his mum and dad being teachers.
Recently though George has taken up an important role as a therapy dog at Marymount College in Hove.
George and Latarvia
As his mum Liz writes:
“Dressed in his coat with the Marymount emblem, he is met by very excited students.  George spends his days in various classrooms where he mingles with the girls and when he feels like it, has a sleep. He visits a variety of year 6, 8 and 9 classrooms for English, Religion, Maths and PE and even experiences the Marymount lift.   His timetable will varies from week to week so all students eventually will experience having him in their classroom. At recess and lunch he was walked around the oval by chosen students where he had the opportunity to visit groups of girls as they enjoyed their breaks.
Comments from the students during his visits have included ‘having George in the classroom makes me happy,’ ‘George makes the class feel calmer’  ‘a simple look from him brings a smile to everyone’s faces’ and ‘If I don’t like the lesson I am going to, it makes me feel more motivated knowing he is going to be there.’
The days he attends are resounding success as is evident from the photos.”
Earlier this year George became unwell, and after some blood tests we diagnosed George with Addison’s disease.
Addison’s disease is an endocrine (or hormonal) condition of dogs when there are not enough of hormones produced by the adrenal gland. Thankfully for George, and his students, Addison’s disease is easily managed with replacement of these missing hormones. We are very happy to report George is going very well and his prognosis is excellent for the future, all the more important as he continues his good work at Marymount College.The positive impact of a dog on people old and young really is uplifting – Go George!
George with 6VI (5)

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